In this Tutorial you will discover:

how to start with the initial setting up of your WordPress template

how to choose a WordPress theme

where you can get free themes and premium paid ones as well

You don’t need any technical background in order to install your WordPress theme. You will be astonished at how easy is to install a theme nowadays as it is easier than ever.

What is a WordPress theme

The theme as the name suggests is what determines the frame of your how your website will look and its design. The WordPress theme incorporates the over all design and set up and the placement of your menus, logos, side bars footers, fonts and the various types of different pages and posts.

How to pick up the ultimate WordPress template for your website in 2018

Choosing your WordPress theme could be a difficult and daunting process.

There are literally thousands of free and premium WordPress themes out there. And I’m sure I’m not the only one that has troubles picking up a single theme for my websites. But there a couple of factors that need to be considered first that I’ve discovered that will help you in your search of the one theme that will rule them all.

It is one of the most important choices to be made as the theme dictates not only the overall design and outlook bu the way our site will function and work. A good WordPress template will boost your website’s performance and overall impression on your visitors.

Although it is important what kind of a website we are aiming for (whether it is a business page, a blog, or an e-commerce one) there a couple of factors I’ve discovered that are really important to take into account first:

Design and features of the WordPress template

It is like buying your very new car it is not just what is under the hood but the overall look as well. A beautiful and sleek design that is pleasing to the eye and is connecting thematically well with the websites field and purpose is going to leave a good and memorable impression on your visitors.

Ease of customization and design versatility is the hidden gem.

Depending on your goals a theme that has huge and wide functionality when it comes to overall design is usually a great choice. Having an extensive control over how your pages look can provide you with more options for creativity.

The options that the PageBuilder provides you here could be vital to your site. Giving you full control over the way your pages are looking and using the ShortCodes can help you achieve almost anything without any need to code or worry.

WordPress template with a responsive design

Nowadays more and more people are browsing the internet on their mobile devices whether it is their phones or tablets so many people are using them that they are surpassing the traditional desktop users.

This simple thing will make a huge impact on your website and how it is viewed by your visitor and mobile responsiveness will actually help in better rankings on google and other search engines. This is something that I will be covering in future.

WordPress Themes with active support

The WordPress is constantly being updated and having a theme that is compatible with the newer WordPress versions is imperative. This will help reducing risks of any bugs and also minimizing any problems and security issues that can occur with older versions. I would advice you on using a reputable and popular theme in order to guarantee that you will always be on top of the new stuff.

A theme that is popular and regularly updated is more likely to have a good browser compatibility. It is something that can be easily overlooked but making sure your website run and looks as smooth on every browser is essential otherwise you are risking in loosing some visitors.

In addition to that a good and reputable theme with a solid development team is a must as they will be able to provide on time technical support if any problems arise.

There is always the possibility of a coding error or a small overlooked bug to appear and in that case you’ll need to contact the technical team that works on that theme in order for them to fix and remove it for you. All the reputable companies working on developing themes for WordPress have such teams that you can get in touch with.

Having an extensive support and proper documentation is a must as it can be your safety net in a pinch.